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Welcome to EyeWitness!

How do I get the EyeWitness mobile app?

Click here to download:

What is EyeWitness

EyeWitness is a place for residents of Hampton Roads to share photos and news from the community. Once you're registered, you can begin posting photos and information about your neighborhood and events. You can submit news and photos through the EyeWitness app or at

How do I change my role status?

After you register you'll be a "Novice." Posts from Novice users will first be reviewed before they go live. "Beginners" will have submitted three to 30 reports/photos. More than 30 submissions garners you the "Star" user role. Users with more than 100 submissions are "Superstars."

Can I add a location or category?

Submissions are tagged with location and category. If there's a category you'd like added, contact us using the "feedback" link in this site's footer. The EyeWitness staff will also occasionally post "assignments," asking for specific photos and news.

Who reviews and/or edits submitted content?

The contents of EyeWitness are not reviewed or vetted by employees of the Daily Press.